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For several years now I've had tendonitis in my right thumb ... an occupational hazard of my job. In the past few days I was plagued with such pain that I couldn't use my hand at all. Then a friend recommended that I use the "chick weed" salve. I applied it several times to my thumb and wrist. What occurred was a miracle! ... My pain dissipated within approximately one hour and did not return. I would definitely recommend this for anyone with joint pain. The results are amazing!
Deborah Jones
International Flight Attendant
Dallas, TX

I had a sore throat. After applying Chickweed Healing Salve to the outside of my throat it went away. It is great!
Bob Schwagmeir - IN


My daughter got into poison ivy and broke out in a itchy rash. We applied Chickweed and it healed up in just a couple days.
Dan Christopher - IN


I had a rash under my arm for 9 months. I tried a lot of salves and lotions but nothing worked until I tried Chickweed Healing Salve. I applied it 2 times a day and it went away within 1 month. I also had some spots on my face. Within 3 1/2 weeks they were gone.
Steve Burington - Kalamath Falls, OR


I burned myself real bad across the chest, arms and hands. I started using Chickweed Healing Salve on my 3rd day in the burn unit at the University of Louisville hospital and had immediate results. The nurses were impressed at the results, 8 days later I was released. My burn area healed up very nice. To date, I still have a scar that is slowly disappearing where I was burned the worst. I'm still putting Chickweed Healing Salve on it, and it's coming along really well.
Charles Milligan - Athens, TN


I had these dark spots on my leg for 15 years. I'm not sure what it was but it was growing, after two months of using the Chickweed Healing Salve, the spots are almost gone. I also use it for dry skin on my heels and toes. It's amazing stuff!
Kirk Baron


I had a fungus infection on my arm. After 2 weeks of using the salve it was gone except for a scar. After two more weeks of using the salve even the scar disappeared.
Jack - Houston, TX


"That stuff's like dynamite", one lady said, "Now we'll never be without that salve. We use it for everything and suggest it to everybody." Then an older lady said as we left, "Just don't ever quit making the Chickweed Healing Salve."
Three ladies talking to us as we were eating lunch in the hill of Ohio. A place called Thelma Jeans Pizza


I'm diabetic and I had a hole in my foot the size of a silver dollar and it went clear up to the bone. We couldn't heal it up. Finally the Dr. told me that he has to amputate the foot. Then we stopped a Billy Jo's Health Food Store. She told us to clean it up real good and put Chickweed Healing Salve on it, which we did and 3 weeks later, the Dr. looked at it and said the skin has grown clear across the bone and we won't have to amputate that foot. We know the Chickweed Healing Salve saved my foot!


You got any Chickweed? I came here and bought it before. It really works. It cures skin cancer quick! A Dr. freeze branded some skin cancer on my arm for $400, but the Chickweed Healing Salve takes my skin cancer away in 1 week.
Madison, IN


My husband had itchy feet and often had cracks in his fingers and thumbs, rubbing a little Chickweed Healing Salve on his hands and feet every evening has taken care of both. He tried many things for his itchy feet and it just helped for a while or not at all. We are glad to find a remedy that works.
Ivan Joe and Emma Yoder - Bloomfield, Iowa


I would like to have 2 tins of the chickweed Healing Salve. My first 2 tins are gone already. I put it on my face and love it. Lately people are saying how young I look
Mary Stoltzfus - Howard, PA


The Chickweed Healing Salve is helping Greg with his burn.
Gretta Wheeler - Astor, FL


I received my shipment of the Chickweed Healing Salve, enclosed is my payment for 1 case (36 cans). I have to tell you that I really like your product. It has come in handy for the various rashes and bee stings I have gotten this summer. I like to be able to tell my customers that a product really works and I can recommend your slave highly. We will also continue to sell your salve as a regular item and will contact you in the future for more orders.
Bob and Mary Brown - Huntingburg, IN


I had skin cancer on my right leg about the size of a dime. It had grown very fast and was infected. With daily use of Chickweed Healing Salve, the whole thing disappeared within two weeks leaving no scar.
Sheila Holbrook


I have used Chickweed Healing Salve now for 3 months. I use it for chapped lips, hands and elbows. My skin has been dry for 30 yrs. and nothing seemed to help. Now I get speedy relief using the salve.
D.S. - OH


We are very happy to say that we have tried your Chickweed Salve and my husband and I are thrilled to have found your product. I use in on my husband's feet and discolorings and they are all but gone. His feet have never looked better. I'm excited about getting more and continuing this treatment. I have problems with my skin on my fingers, splitting and cracking. Since using this product, I have cleared up my problem. I am so very happy to have found your product. I'm excited about giving it to my family and friends with ailments and discomforts. I feel this a product I will use for the rest of my life. Thank you for creating such a tremendous product. We love it.
Linda and Charles Stephens - Fort Worth, TX


My legs are much better, but now I'm using Chickweed Healing Salve to keep the swelling of the veins down.
Steven Burington - Kalamath Falls, OR


My son had what appeared to be a large planters wart on his hand. After using the salve for a week, it was gone. We really would like to have more of this salve.
Rowen and Judy Schar - Sterling, OH


I did receive Chickweed Healing Salve and I think you for the great product. I first used it on our 3 year old son. He had a sore the size of the quarter. We were no sure what it was. It had a little yellow discharge and one evening he was crying so much, he went to bed not moving his arm at 12:00 am. My husband came home with his salve from my mother, and I put it on till morning. He jumped out of bed, not even crying about his arm. About afternoon I thought about it and checked it. The scab that was forming on was off and it was all pink like a wound that was healing. Thank you so much, it was a life saver. We later found out it was impetigo and all three of our children got it all over their bodies. The minute we saw them, we put Chickweed Healing Salve on and it was not long until it was all gone.
Katie Mast - Hornell, NY


I want to keep you appraised of my progress since I received your Chickweed Healing Salve 4 days ago. I have been to many dermatologists and have had many cortisone injections and still had dry, scaly skin in patched on 10% of my body. It looked awful and was very noticeable. I have used very expensive medicines and have not had the results that your salve has given me in an almost immediate time frame. While I am not a doctor, I am an experienced patient who has suffered and can say to you that no other skin preparations have given me the immediate results that your Chickweed Healing Salve has. To say it simply, it's wonderful. The scales and crusts and blemishes are going, going, gone.
Saul Kaplan - West Palm Beach, FL


Please send us 1/2 case of Chickweed Healing Salve. We love the salve. We use it for everything. I was visiting a friend in Florida who is a nurse. I told her all the things I use it for and how it is shrinking a tumor on my ear. Being a nurse, she was very skeptical. I left her a sample of it to try. A few day, maybe a week after I got home, she e-mailed me and said she wanted at least two tins of this 'miracle' salve. It had cured her dermatitis, which she had been seeing a Dr. for. We just thank and praise the Lord for this salve and for leading us to you at that Kidron show.
Christine and John Storey


I really like your Chickweed Healing Salve. As you say, it can be used for almost anything. My wife used it on a toenail fungus and it cleared up. She had no results with the doctor's treatments.
Keith Streater - Ouenado, TX


I used Chickweed Healing Salve on warts and in 2 weeks they went down 50%.
Lavern Shrock - Arthur, IL


My husband is getting wonderful results from the salve. He (as a farmer) has lots of spots on his skin, some pre-cancer, others are warts, moles and who knows what. The point is that they are getting smaller and some are gone.
Sharon Blougher


I had a sore spot in the palm of my hand for 1 1/2 years. I finally started using Chickweed Healing Salve. I put it on 3 times a day. It healed up in 4 days.
Tony Eurton - New Albany, IN


I had a growth inside my ear that kept getting bigger. I was scheduled for surgery and plastic surgery. My husband had a can of Chickweed Healing Salve and suggested use it. I could tell a difference right away and it was completely gone 2 weeks. It saved me a lot of pains and money and I'm so thankful.
Joyce Stewart - Jacksonville, AR


Skin cancer open sores on face and neck very bad. We used chickweed Healing Salve that a friend recommended and almost completely healed up within 2 weeks. Came back for 2 more tins.
Irene Yoder - KY


Your salve is good for ear ache for babies and adults. Also for an itchy cough. Put a little in mouth, just takes a little. Also sore muscles. If it hurts, use it. It's great for an itch of any kind. Keep up the good work.
William W. Byler - PA


My mother had a spot on her forehead that wouldn't heal. We used the Chickweed Healing Salve and it was gone in a few days. Great stuff!
Mrs. Willis Plank - IL



My daughter had many warts on her hand, we used To-Mor-Gone and band-aids, changing the dressing once day. It got rid of all the warts. To-Mor-Gone is a great product!
Mark, Flemingsburg, KY


For approximately 35 yr's I had a mole on my forehead. It would get very dark and crust over. My husband as well as my children felt that I needed to see a Dr. I instead decided to use To-Mor-Gone. I put To-Mor-Gone on daily and covered it with a band-aid. After a few weeks later one morning when I took the band-aid off the mole came off with it. I had to go and wake my husband and show him. I was extremely happy to say the least. Thanks for To-Mor--Gone. My mole is gone
Bev Cook


I'm a great believer in your product. I had warts on my fingers, I used to tear them out, but they always came back till I put To-Mor-Gone on them. Now all are gone!
Mr. Kline


I had a mole on the side of my neck. Doctors felt it could be cancer and wanted to remove it, but I put To-Mor-Gone on every day and put a band-aid over it. In about 2 1/2 weeks it came off, left no scar,never bled. I am thankful to have To-Mor-Gone.
Marvin Phelps, IN.


A few of my boys used To-Mor-Gone on warts. They came off, it really works!
Shipshewana, IN


Animal Applications

My horse's hock was chipped in three places. The wound was about 4 inches long. We used Chickweed Healing Salve and it healed real nicely.
S & E, Indiana


A year ago, our dog had a cancerous tumor, which the vet removed. This year it cam back and surgery was scheduled. In the mean time, I put Chickweed Healing Salve on it 2-3 times a day. By surgery time it was all gone.
Shelia Holbrook


My wife washed our milker claws in a heavy dose of washer acid, which burned and blistered the cow's teats. I put salve on one cow, it almost completely healed up in 48 hours. So, tonight I put it on every blistered cow in my stable.
Daniel Stoltzfus - Loganton, PA


I used chickweed Healing Salve on sheep's foot-rot, and they healed up nicely, where bet's medicine didn't work.
Beth Johnson - Owasso, OK


Three of our goats got an infection in their mouth. We used Chickweed Healing Salve and it healed up nicely.
Jr. & Ada Yoder - Millersburg, OH


Our horse, Sue, is high strung. Going down the road one day, she had something come over her. She kind of went for the ditch, then reared. The shaft went in between her shoulder and let, approximately 7 inches and about 1 1/4 inches in diameter. We left her at my brother's place, as he is a trainer and also very good with this kind of stuff. So, all he did was give her shots for pain and filled the hole with Chickweed Healing Salve once a day for one week. Then we brought her home and continued to do the salve once a day. Less than two weeks, we started driving again. No limp anymore and it healed up very nice.
Samuel Girod


When my mare foaled, the horseflies were on the mare's udder and the colt's nose real bad. I put chickweed Healing Salve on both places and the horseflies would not sit on it anymore.
Terry Crank


As of this date, our beautiful Golden Retriever dog is doing much better. He has this open cancer on his neck and our 12 year old granddaughter and her grandfather keeps sterilizing and cleaning his open sore and then putting Chickweed Healing Salve on it. After starting the second box, he seems to be doing and it is looking much better. We hope in tie we will be able to have him in good shape.
Helen Hasseltine


Very good on milk cow's chapped and cut udders. The Chickweed Salve is the best salve I have ever had in the barn.
D. A.

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I had skin cancer removed 2 times from my face. The 3rd time it came back, I decided to use Chickweed Healing Salve. Within 2 weeks it was gone.
RD - Indiana


I had a fungus infection on my arm. After 2 weeks of using the salve it was gone except for a scar. After two more weeks of using the salve even the scar disappeared.
J - TX


My daughter got into poison ivy and broke out in a itchy rash. We applied Chickweed and it healed up in just a couple days.
DC - Indiana

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I burned myself real bad across the chest, arms, and hands. I started using Chickweed Healing Salve on my 3rd day in the burn unit at the University of Louisville hospital and had immediate results. The nurses were impressed at the results; 8 days later I was released. My burn area healed up very nicely.